AHR Resident Portal

At Home Rexburg Apartments we continue to promote the natural sense of Community which has always been our Brand. We want our Tenants to be happy and comfortable during their stay with us. We accomplish this by interacting in a friendly, fair and timely manner. We encourage our Tenants to treat us and each other in the same respectful manner. We want everyone to FEEL THE WARMTH at AHR. This WARMTH is generated by our commitment to each other, by our warm hearts and last but certainly not least… by our warm heated floors provided by free gas!


So What’s New? An updated, fun, and inviting website, our very PRIVATE, FREE, FAST INTERNET.  An ACH payment option which makes for hassle free rent payments…(management does it for you!) A dropbox in the office door for onsite check payments. An on site contact couple to interact with, lower cleaning fees upon move out, and two friendly dedicated management persons: Morgan on the phone & Kim in the back office who only manage this one, VERY SPECIAL LIVING SPACE.


Resident Information

Contact General Mgmt, Morgan :
Mon - Fri : 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Check Drop

Office door drop.  If dropping off checks at a time other than first of the month please advise Morgan so she can pick it up in a timely manner.

On Site Managers

Ethan and Madison Blanchard

Apt. # 1106

Email: [email protected]

Text: 208-505-7837 or


Call: 208-505-7837

Renew For Another Contract Period

In order to insure that you will be able to keep your apartment for an upcoming Lease Period, it is necessary to re-up (sign a new contract) at least four months prior to the end of your present contract. You may roll your present deposit over to the new contract but you will have to make sure it is still $500 to start the new contract by remitting any disparity or reduction in the amount you presently have on deposit in order for your new application to take effect.

You will, of course, have to be approved by management for obtaining a new contract.

To obtain your new contract